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School Theme School Song
"Embrace the Children"
High upon a hill top that over looks the sea,
Stands Riviera, it means so much to me.
Like a gleaming jewel it shines across the bay,
Standing for the very best every way.
Oh Riviera, Riviera, finest school of all.
We will always answer to your call,
We love you so.

Everyday in every way
We’ll keep our standards high.
We pledge our loyalty to you, oh Riviera.
Oh Riviera, Riviera finest school of all.
We will always answer to your call,
We love you so. Every day in every way
We’ll keep your standards high.
We pledge our loyalty to you, Oh Riviera!

By: Mrs. Bea Morris
School Colors
Royal Blue and White
School Mascot
Rivera Pledge

Riviera Mission Statement

Our mission at Riviera is to provide a safe and supportive environment where high expectations are held for all students.

A variety of teaching strategies are used to meet the individual needs and distinctive learning styles of students.

Student’s positive self-image is enhanced through the development of competency in academics, personal fitness, social relationships, and appreciation of diverse cultures and ideas.

Students acquire the technological knowledge and skills to function effectively in a global society.

The arts are emphasized as a vehicle for creativity and self-expression and to enrich the core curriculum.

Teamwork and collaboration between educators, parents, and students are essential to maximize student success.

Philosophy Statement

The staff and community of Riviera Elementary School believe that providing a balanced education entails meeting both the academic and social/emotional needs of our children. It is the mission of our school to provide a learning environment, which allows all children to maximize their potential as well as acquire the necessary interpersonal skills to function effectively in society. In order to accomplish this, it is essential to create a school environment, which is orderly and disciplined, yet caring and supportive of individual needs and differences. Our goal is to create and maintain a school environment which is both safe physically and emotionally.

Riviera Belief Statements
We believe that:
  • Each child needs to be valued and treated with dignity and respect.
  • Teaching is best when it comes from the heart, because of this teachers will use a variety of teaching styles.
  • Administrators, teachers, parents, and students must work together to maximize student success.
  • All students need to develop responsibility for their learning and for their behavior.
  • Teachers model passion and enthusiasm for what they teach.
  • Music and art are an integral part of education.
  • All children are entitled to equal opportunities for learning.
  • Reading is the key to learning and success in life.
  • All children are encouraged to develop a positive self-concept.
  • It is necessary to nurture social and emotional needs while addressing educational needs.