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Who:  Riviera's Student Council runs the student store

What:  The Student Store has great items available for sale, prices range from $0.50 to $1.00 (see list below)

Where: Outside the Cafe, near the lunchtables

When:  Every Friday from about 12 to 1pm (weather permitting)

Why:  Proceeds from the Student Store help to fund great programs at Riviera, such as Snow Day!


List of items available changes every week.  Here is the most current list of items:

$1.00 Items

  • Study Buddy Pen & Highlighter
  • Rainbow Gel Pen
  • Game Controller Eraser
  • Smart Phone Mechanical Pencil Refills
  • Mustache Mechanical Pencil
  • Candy Cane Snowman Pens
  • Yeti Notepads
  • Swirl Gel Pen
  • Miles O'Smiles Tip Topz Pencil
  • Confidential Spy Pen
  • Halloween Characters with Pop-Out Eyes
  • Snack Attack Scented Eraser
  • NFL Pencil Topper
  • Scent-sibles Kneaded Eraser
  • Composition Book
  • Nose Sharpener

$0.50 Items

  • Stamp
  • Glow Bracelet
  • Animal Print Bracelet
  • Scented Pencil Grips
  • Mustache Ring
  • Patterns Eraser