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Detention is a consequence for unacceptable behavior in the classroom, on the playground and in the cafeteria. It is not to be used as a consequence for poor work habits. Detention will be held daily during lunch recess in the cafeteria. Students are asked to reflect on their behavior by completing a Character Counts Plan provided by the homeroom teacher.


  • Administration, teacher or noon assistant issues a Character Counts Violation to student for rule violation and explains to the student exactly why he/she is getting the detention.
  • The issuing adult gives the Character Counts Violation to the homeroom teacher. One copy is for the teacher to keep for his/her records and one copy goes home attached to the completed Character Counts Plan.
  • The homeroom teacher gives the student the Character Counts Plan to be completed the next lunch period. The student returns the plan to the homeroom teacher following the lunch period. This form must be signed by the noon assistant to ensure attendance at detention.
  • The student takes a copy of the Character Counts Plan home to be signed by the parent and brought back to the teacher the following day.
  • Parents questions regarding the detention incident should be written onto the Character Counts Plan and returned to the homeroom teacher.
  • If a student fails to report for detention, fails to return a signed copy the following day or receives more than one Character Counts Violation Slip in a week, the homeroom teacher should notify the parent. In addition, classroom consequences including Friday Detention during "Sparkling" Behavior Recess may be a consequence at teacher's discretion for failing to report or return a Character Counts Plan.
  • After three detentions in a trimester, the parent will be asked to attend a conference with the principal and teacher. The homeroom teacher will set up the conference.
  • If a student is absent, he/she will serve detention the day he/she returns to school.