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Authorization for Administering Medicine
TUSD District Policy (updated Sept 25, 2013)

Authorization Form | District Policy

Medications at School policy statement on the reverse6903 Revised 2410
The purpose of allowing medication to be taken by pupils at school is to help provide for
their general welfare by following instructions of their physicians. It shall be the school’s
responsibility to provide reasonable and prudent supervision while the pupil takes the
medication. It shall be the pupil’s (parent’s) responsibility to take the prescribed
medication in accordance with their doctor’s instructions.

Policies Regarding Medication at School
According to the California State Education Code 49423, definite procedures must be
followed with regard to taking medications at school.
During the regular school day, any pupil who is required to take medication prescribed by
a physician must provide:

  1. A written statement from the physician stating the method, amount and time
    in which medication is to be taken and relevant side effects.
  2. A written statement from the parent or guardian of the pupil granting their
    permission that the physician’s orders are carried out.
  3. The medication in the original pharmacy container; labeled by a California
    pharmacist giving the student name, doctor name, drug, dosage, route of
    administration, and schedule.

All medication is to be kept in the health office, unless otherwise arranged with the
District Nurse.

A parent or guardian can bring a prescribed medication to the school office and give it to
their student directly.

This is for the protection of all students.

A District Nurse or Health Clerk is not present at the school site at all times or on all days
when the school is in session. Therefore, because emergency assistance may be provided
by nonmedically trained District personnel, parents must assure that physicians provide
complete, precise, legible, directions and instructions. The District is not responsible for
notifying parents before or after prescribed medication is depleted or the expiration
occurs. Expired medications will not be administered. This request for District
assistance expires at the end of the school year in which it is made.